Saturday, 4 August 2012

Who's Bad?!

It's been 25 yrs since 'Bad' hit the shelves of music stores worldwide and next month it's back again bigger and better!! With bonus tracks and for the first time ever a bonus DVD of his wembley concert from the '88 Bad tour, it's a must have for the big fans of M.J as i am and I can't wait to get it!

On August 31st 1987 Michael Jackson released his much anticipated 3rd adult solo album . . . Bad.
With the worldwide success of Thriller which won 8 Grammy awards and was number 1 in every corner of the earth (with its now global sales of  between 65 - 110 million) everyone was waiting for what M.J was gonna do next and by god he didn't disapoint!

For me the Bad era (even though it's not my favourite Jackson album) is my favourite time period. In my opinion he was still "normal" and hadn't transformed into the strange guy with all the court dates and personal problems he ended up having. Bad was an era where his style and energy were at their peak!

This album boasted more hits than some artists can provide over a few albums, hits including the title track 'Bad' (which alone sold over 8 million copies) 'The way you make me feel', 'Man in the mirror', 'Smooth criminal', 'Liberian girl' and 'Dirty Diana'. Honestly I could name the whole album and you'd know the songs, it was start to finish classics!!!
And not only that, he backed them up with brilliant videos! Bad's full 18 minute version directed my Martin Scorsese, shows a student M.J going from posh school back to his home on the holidays in a tough city area, where his friends try peer preasure to get him to rob an old woman in the subway. The main "friend" being played by Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes.Once M.J realises its wrong the film bursts into the Bad song demonstrating Michael and his new gangs excellent dance moves around the underground station!
Then there was the 'Liberian girl' video which featured a whole cast of 80's Hollywood royalty including -Carl Weathers, Whoopi Goldberg, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, Lou Ferringo, Dan Aykroyd, Quincy Jones plus many more. Showing even the stars loved the King of Pop.
But the main event was the 'Smooth Criminal' video, set in a early 1930's style club, with excellent dance routines and a cool breakdown section with acapella vocals, before bursting back with more signature M.J moves. But this was only a small part in the middle of a full hour movie he called 'Moonwalker'.
Staring himself as the hero and Joe Pesci as a drug lord trying to destroy the youth by getting them hooked on drugs, but obviously M.J saved the day with his dancing, and transforming into sports cars and a missile launching robot (just watch it, it'll make more sense).
Other great videos created included 'Speed Demon' where Michael escapes his screaming fans by dressing up as a Rabbit and tries to get away on a motor bike while under persuit (all characters including himself being made of plastcine). So just like the songs, all the videos were brilliant.

All in all Bad was a classic album from a man who amazingly only seemed to make classic albums.
Michaels legacy will always live on through his music and I'm sure he'll continue to get new fans till the end of time.

R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson.

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