Sunday, 12 August 2012

Only the 'Elite' to Compete

With the new football season underway I always like to kick it off with a new pair of boots!!
Mostly for the same reasons as I like putting on some fresh trainers, they make me feel good, so if I'm feeling good and I got my mind right I'm surely gonna play some better football?! (well thats the idea, my team mates might not agree).
There has been alot of science and technology going into football boots now days, we've come along way from the plain black leather boots that were big and heavy and for a fashion conscience guy like me, ugly to look at!!
Boots now days seem to get brighter with each new design and with more colour variations than a bag of skittles!
I personally love this but its not for everyones taste, you still get some old school players who like to comment with phrases such as "with boots like that u better be fucking good"!
But more importantly ( I can't believe I'm gonna say this ) it's not all about the blue, red, bright pink and green colours of the boots, it's also about  - the technology.
Sports companies are putting alot of money into creating the perfect boots for every type of player, whether you're a midfield maestro, a speedy winger or a prolific striker, there is a boot out there designed to help you improve your game play.
My favourite sneaker brand, Nike, are one of the main creators of the techno heavy modern day football boots so this post is gonna be all about them as personally they are my 'go to' boots and why wouldn't they be, they're the best!!

The main and most popular of the Nike football boots (going by what I see the professionals and standard league players, such as myself) players are wearing are in a group branded as 'The Elite Series' or as seen in Euro 2012 with new colours 'The Clash Collection'
This consists of 4 different styles-
And the T-90's.
Each pair are aimed at the style, position and type of footballer you are. For every pair there are the different options of studs including soft ground, firm ground, artificial grass and standard astro turf grips, (I prefer to have a pair of each, you gotta look after your feet and adapting to the different grounds is crucial to keeping injury free).
On top of the stud styles each type of boot has varied prices based on the boot just looking like the style you've brought (this being cheapest) and the boot having all the technology (being the most expensive), I'm gonna talk about each boot as the full high tech versions though. Also from experience paying that higher price DOES mean the boots will last longer, ''you get what you pay for''.

The CTR 360's -
These boots are aimed at the midfield player that wants to control the games tempo. They made from Kanga-Lite synthetic material which is said to help give them a cushioning touch and durable to all the twists and turns a midfielder makes to find the perfect pass. They have 3D control pading and fins to help you hug onto the football, optimising receiving and passing accuracy. On top of that, the midfoot has a dimpled texture which also increases friction, also aiding to help control and touch. These boots are perfect for a midfielder and this is proven by them being the boots of choice for players like Andres Iniesta and Jack Wilshere.

The Mercurial's

These boots are built for speed, the boot choice for Christiano Ronaldo. Inspired by sprinters spikes the contoured design mirrors a foot shape for a snug fit and with the central stud layout they are ideal for fast acceleration and explosive speed. They are made from an ultra light Flywire technology designed by Nike with a carbon fibre sole. The ultra light weight of the boot also helps with speed as you hardly feel like you have anything on your feet. I play on the wing so these boots are the usual choice that i would go for, im not the fastest player so anything that can help me add more speed to my game is perfect.

The T-90's -
The strikers boot. These boots claim pinpoint accuracy with its 'Shot Shield' technology which is divided into its 'power' and 'swerve' zones. These zones are covered in shape correcting foam and fins which reduce in size offering you a great natural feel allowing you to know the power your putting through the ball when striking. The weapon of choice for Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres.
Nike Tiempo -

These are probably the most basic of the Nike boot range, but they are known for their comfort and durability. They are also made with Nike's Kanga-Lite technology aiding you with a great feel for the ball and comfort while playing your game. Ronaldinho and Manchester United's Mexican goal machine Chicarito are fans of these, so they are also clearly a good choice for strikers but personally the no frills basic design of these boots are great for the no nonsense defenders in the world.

But for the fashion conscience people of the world or the guy that wants the next level, better than the rest kind of footwear i.e ME, then your gonna want these little beauties.

This year Nike has created the limited edition GS's.
There is far too much to explain about these amazing boots so checking out the link will be alot easier but trust me its worth your while.

If you're looking for some new boots I hope this helped a little, if you wanna look the part and wear a boot that's worn and loved by footballers around the world I'd strongly recommend getting yourself some Nike's.
(*)Plus last week one of the worlds greatest and my favourite footballer Chritiano Ronaldo told me his Nike mercurials enhanced his whole game play, so if a player of his quality thinks that then it must be true!
(* I don't really know Ronaldo but I'm sure what I said is true!)

Happy footballing and when I've controlled the ball, turned you and crossed in a accurate ball to the striker,it's because of my Nike's ( and me of course).
 #gamechanger #mytimeisnow

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