Monday, 27 August 2012

Less Is More (bow tie).

Going out for an occasion that requires a smarter look, i.e cuffs and a collar, can be such a drag.
For people like myself who's job entails getting messy, dressing up for the night (or day) is something I love doing, but even sometime's getting out a suit and tie feels so mundane, so formal, just . . . Boring.
I'm not a fan of traditional top and tails wedding attire and this was something I made sure I wasn't going to wear on my wedding day (which I will add, was an amazing day).
I don't understand why people waste money on hiring a typical outfit that has no originality to you as a person, surely you want your own style or ideas you love to represent you on your special day?
Not everyone has the money to have a tailored suit, but there are plenty of off the peg suits you can go for. I opted for a grey two piece with black trimming, a throw back to the 1950's teddy boy style, with a skinny black tie all from Zara, which I loved.

But in the evening I wanted to be more comfortable when I'll be talking to my guests and spending a huge ammount of time making shapes and sweating it out on the dance floor (which I did, i looked like Lee Evans during his live shows).
Obviously changing your whole outfit is a hassle and also means you'd have to hide away your other new garms somewhere (on a hanger aswell as you don't want it creased) which can cause a problem.
You need to make the changes small, yet affective and that's easily done.
I made 4 changes which totally re-vamped my outfit:
1 - I ditched my jacket and rolled up my sleeves to add a more casual feel.
2 - I replaced my skinny tie with a bow tie, which also added a more relaxed feel about my outfit and a more fun look about it too.
3 - I put on my clear lensed fashion glasses, which transformed the look of my face, so with the other two steps, completely redesigned the whole top part of my outfit.
And lastly, 4 - I changed out of my shoes and put on my all black Converse high tops, which still look smart enough to wear to an evening event as they are classic black and don't stand out too much and also if your gonna be on your feet all night, (especially dancing) they are more comfortable on your feet.
These small steps gave me a whole new look and I was able to keep the bow tie and glasses in my inside pocket all day and the shoes hidden under a table so there was no need to carry around a hefty bag with a whole change of clothes somewhere, which is so easy.

You need not just use these items as a change to an evening from day event either. Like I said before the whole suit and tie thing can be a bit boring and you might wanna switch it up, which I did to a friends wedding reception the other night.

In this picture I went for the bowtie and glasses again, with a blue shirt, navy chinos (which I rolled up to add a summer casual look) and my boat shoes.

I was the only guy there who still had a smart evening event outfit on, but with a casual twist to it (everyone else who tries to relax abit ended up looking scruffy with their shirt hanging out and a bulge in their pocket from the tie they'd taken off).

Less is more and we all know men like things to be made easier for us, we're to busy watching the end of the game to have to start getting ready too early. The only down side is you gotta sit around a little longer waiting for her to get ready, trust me, cuz I always am!!!!

Here are some more awesome bow tie designs which I love.

The skull design one is by Alexander McQueen and the other two are from ASOS.
Whether plain or patterned , spotted or striped you can find so many cool designs that will liven up your evening attire.

Even the stars love a good bow tie, Outkasts Big Boi even wrote a song about them.

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