Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I'm busy but I'll be posting again soon!!!

I don't get much time to myself from July through to early October because it's the busy period at work, where I can be putting in upto 100+ hours a week.
So the things I love to do, do get pushed abit to the side, blogging being one of those things.
But I'll be back on it ASAP and when I do I'll be posting new blog's on tattooing, the new sports supplements I've been using from 'JST Jodie' and a trail batch of 'Matchday' isotonic I was kindly given to try out.
I'll be talking about my up and coming challenges including, 'Mens health survival of the fittest' and the 'Tough Mudder' courses aswell as the 'Brighton Marathon'.
Plus some new clothes purchases I shall be making and of course what great new music I've been listening too.
Hope you check them out, peace.

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