Friday, 19 April 2013


There was quite a buzz around rapper/singer KidCudi before he dropped his solo album "man on the moon" and after hearing some cuts of the tracks I brought it and was impressed.
As much as I love hiphop, I can't totally relate to much of it as it's not the lifestyle I live or have grown up with, but Cudi's style is. His indie, dark-moody story telling was a fresh sound in hiphop for me and I had the album on repeat for a long time!!

So when he dropped his 2nd LP I was straight on it but I'll be honest I was pretty let down. With only a handful of tracks I really liked I thought it was gonna be a case of another artist who's thrown their all into being heard, then rushing together their next album's while they've still got a buzz around them ( record label pressure maybe to blame ). Cudi's solo effort on Kanye's "Cruel Summer" wasn't much to my liking either, so with this weeks release of his 3rd LP "Indicud" what kinda album was it gonna be??
I listened to his "King Wizard" track on YouTube and that was more like the Cudi I loved, so my thoughts were positive. After listening to "Indicud" from start to finish 6 times already in 4 days, I think it's safe to say that in my opinion, he's back on top and I'd even go as far as saying I like it more than "Man on the Moon". This is very rare for me as not many artists now days make a better body of music than their 1st album. There is a few featured artists on the album including Kendrick Lemar, ASAP Rocky, Haim and the Rza, to name a few and they all add to the albums sound, rather than a bunch of names to just help sell a record. It seems Cudi has chosen to work with people who will work well with his tracks, which makes better for the listener.
It's definatly worth a listen, my album of the year so far!!!

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