Thursday, 21 March 2013

On Repeat

Doing alot of driving (for work) and running, (over a hundred miles a month at the moment, due to training for a marathon) ive always got my earphones in listening to music.
Most of the time i got my whole playlist on shuffle but sometimes i get some albums that i love so much they're on repeat constantly.
Im sure you're all the same and when you love an album you go running your mouth to anyone that'll listen (after all word of mouth is the best form of advertising).
So this is me running my mouth off on what im loving right now, i hope you check these tunes out and go cop yourself a copy.
First off after waiting 7 years since his last album Justin Timberlake has finally dropped his 3rd solo album and as expected its awesome. I got mad love for JT and he's come up with the good's again, teaming up with Timberland on the beats which is a power house in the music biz (and to make me even happier he's bringing out another 10 tracks on 'The 20/20 Experience'Part 2 later on in the year).

My next album thats been on repeat is a mixtape from a couple of Westside playas, a Detroit duo called Faygos and Coney. Im a big fan of these since the member Kid Jinx and i started chatting on twitter and he sent me the link to their track 'Genesis' on You Tube, shortly followed by 'Smoke it over' featuring Lil David Ruffin. Go check out the videos on the link. Genesis. Smoke it over.
The mix tape is hot, with the duos wordplay and punchlines on their own and other peoples tracks, plus with it being a free download, why the hell wouldn't you get it??? Both Kid Jinx and Derrty D are on twitter so for more info follow them at @faygosandconey @BurgersandBooty and @DerrtyD.
Here's the link to their free downloadable mixtape 'Made In Detroit'.

Even though this next albums been out a while now im still bumping it.
DMX's 'Undisputed'.
Ive always had alot of love for the Darkman but after a long absence, due to being in jail and the stories of him being on crack, i was wondering if he was ever gonna get back in the booth.
Then when he dropped his mixtape 'The Weigh In' i was worried about what this album was gonna be like. With its bad sound quality (it was a mixtape i suppose i cant be too fussy) and its awful content (it sounded like he'd lost his flow and did it all half asleep and fucked up).
But once i listened to this album, it was clear he's still got it. If you want ruff, real talk, street shit and heart felt gospel raps there isn't much better out there than the Dog.

With all the running i have been doing its always good having some dance tunes on the Ipod to keep you pumped and keeping pace. I have alot of singles that i have on a playlist but Calvin Harris' '18 Months' is a great album to exercise to. With great beats and a whole list of A star featured artists you can't go wrong.

Peace, enjoy.

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