Monday, 12 November 2012

A Dedication

I don't know about you but being a red blooded man, I can't help but appreciate the female form and find myself googling my favourite Hollywood stars, music artists, athletes and models, basically just hot girls!

It's normal right!? I don't hide it from my wife and I damn sure won't be dating any of them so what's it matter!!!!!

Even though like most couple's we always have a "what if" person! You know what that is right?! Its the green card you give your partner for them to be with one famous person of their choice if they ever happen in a million years to meet and have the opportunity to kiss/sleep with. My wife's happens to be (like many other women at the moment I'm sure) Harry Styles from One Direction. A little bit on the young side I think but he does like an older chick so I think it gives her hope ha!

But that got me thinking "who would my, what if girl be?". And after a lot of thought and more googling obviously (any excuse) I couldn't think of one that stands above the rest. So instead I'm just gonna share them all with you and just say that this is my dedication to the Hottest women in the world!! Maybe it'll help me decide cuz I'm sure that the day I get to use my green card will come up (yeah right)!!!!.









I still can't make up my mind 😉.


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