Sunday, 29 July 2012

Step In The Name Of Love

As long as I can remember I've had a healthy love for trainers (kicks-sneakers-foot candy, whatever you wanna call them).There's nothing like the feeling of gettin a fresh pair out of the box and putting them on.
They can turn a standard outfit into that something abit more special makin your whole get up look cooler and change your whole persona (I know when I put some fresh kicks on I feel fly as fuck!).
How many songs have u heard where if the whole song isn't about putting some fresh sneakers on, its been mentioned in there somewhere!?!?!

If you look around the cities/towns you live in, it's quite clear to see that high tops and plimsole styles are the big winners, obviously, cuz they look good and also with the huge serge in skinny jeans/chinos being worn, they tuck in the high tops and sit ontop of the plimsole nicely (with or without a turn up!).
My favourite brand is and has always been Nike, the colours, designs and styles are to me a cut above the rest plus they fit perfect - (Adidas for example are too narrow and squash my feet).
Also with Nike having an online iD option on some designs, you can choose your own colours on every part of the trainer and even add letters and selected logos, making them original and personel.
Another classic is Cons!! I love converse high tops and I can't see them ever goin out of fashion.Worn by the average joe and celebrities alike we can't seem to get enough of them. With brand new artwork and designs/prints coming thick and fast you can always be fairly original with them. Plus compared to most brands their pretty cheap at an average price of £40.

For all the die hard trainer fans tho' there is nothing like gettin your hands (or feet) on some limited edition kicks! But it's not always that easy or cheap.
My wife got me my prized pair of limited edition BBC Icecream diamond dollar sneakers (pair no# 0746 of 3000 ).
As worn by Pharrell in Snoop Doggs 'drop it like its hot' video (in another colour though).
I don't wear these that often though as I don't wanna ruin them as there worth round the £350 mark!
But that's the joy of havin alot of trainers you can switch it up and wear them sparingly so they always look like new after havin them for years.

I also managed to get 2 pairs of Adidas shell toes (the only adidas trainers i can wear luckily) from their 2005 35th anniversary limited collection. In this collection Adidas brought out 35 different styles of their classic shell toe design made famous by the likes of RUN DMC.
I managed to get a friend to queue for 3 hours at an Adidas retailers in Hong Kong to get me whatever pairs they could get hold off. I ended up getting the - NO#10 Lee Quinones and the - NO#30 Etched Black designs.

Obviously i like to look good (don't we all) but when it comes to what im gonna wear of a day or night, it usually starts from my foot wear up.
Will this outfit go with these shoes?..... No!! Then pick another outfit!!!
They always say u can judge a man by his foot wear, so my advice is keep them clean, stay in style and switch 'em up and you'll get noticed!!
Happy steppin'!!

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